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Four Candles

Four Candles

Four candles burned on an Adventskranz. So quietly that one could hear the candles talk.

The first candle sighed and said:

“My name is Peace. My light shines, but humans do not keep peace.”

The flame weakened and finally, went out completely.

The second candle flickered and said:

“I am called Faith. There is no use for me. Humans do not want to know anything about God. It makes no sense for me to burn.”

A draft of air blew out the second candle.

Quietly and sadly the third candle spoke up.

“My name is Love. I have no energy left. Humans ignore me. They care only for themselves and not for the ones they are supposed to love.”

And with a last flickering this light was extinguished.

A child entered the room. It looked at the candles and said: “Oh no, you are supposed to burn not go out!” Tears were filling the child’s eyes.

The fourth candle came to the rescue:

“Don’t be afraid! As long as I burn, we can light the other candles again. My name is Hope.”

So the child took a match and re-lit the other candles.

Refraction Technology

Refraction Technology

Goal Setting

Goal Setting