Finding your Life Purpose

Yeap, some people can spend a lifetime searching for their purpose. Or, even more frustrating, try to find the right way to discover your purpose for being.

Recently, I discovered a TED Talk about a simple way to find your life purpose. It was great, I took notes, hoping to share it and give credit to the author. Well, I have been trying to retrace my steps to find the talk, again and I cannot. However, the information is brilliant. Thank you to the author.

Five steps to discover and communicate your life purpose:

  1. Who are you? your name

  2. What do you do? your profession

  3. Who do you serve? your clients

  4. What do they desire? what are your clients looking for

  5. How do they change as a result? what do your clients gain from working with you

And voila, you have your purpose. The combination of #1 and #5 will provide your elevator speech, so important for networking.

Try it! It's fun and it works remarkably well.