Save on Eyewear At The Expense of Your Eyes

On March 8, 2016, there was a short segment on King 5 News channel encouraging people to purchase prescription glasses online. I was shocked that they have no idea that they are promoting people to purchase medical devices online with no involvement of a healthcare professional. How do we educate the public on the importance of a trained optical professionals involvement in the process of selecting, fitting and dispensing of eyewear? I sent the following message to King 5 and to the news anchor that hosted the segment. As of right now, I have had no response.

*I am a Washington State Licensed Dispensing Optician in Seattle and I strongly discourage the purchase of eyeglasses online. Prescription eyeglasses are a medical device that warrants the involvement of an eyecare professional to take critical measurements and interpret and evaluate the accuracy of the prescription. Without proper verification, many online eyewear consumers are getting a product that is unsafe and/or inaccurate. A peer-reviewed study revealed that nearly half of all glasses ordered online had either prescription errors or failed to meet minimum safety standards. Personally, I find that very scary, and I would hope that King 5 is concerned with the safety and health of its viewers. I encourage King 5 to highlight the need for participation of eyecare professionals in the fitting, purchase and dispensing of prescription eyeglasses. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you for your time and attention.*

I encourage all of you to share a similar sentiment in your community to help promote the importance of optical professionals in every aspect of vision care.