Art Walk This Way: Community Involvement Is Good For Business

I often feel blessed to have a career that allows me to be immersed in science, math, community, health, design and art. Because art is an important part of my world professionally and personally, I am super excited that my office participates in our monthly neighborhood art walk. An art walk is an opportunity to bring art and artists to businesses, organizations and audiences. Our neighborhood art walk features visual art, but also showcases live performances, theater, poetry, pottery, jewelryÂ… any form art can take. Organizers of the event also encourage giving by collecting non-perishable food items for a local food bank. The event is a casual, self guided and self paced tour of neighborhood art galleries and businesses. The June art walk featured skateboarding lessons, a live mural painting, an amazing cake decorating demonstration, and live music inside a pizzeria. Our office is small so we keep our monthly exhibits simple, yet colorful. For the month of July we featured one of our employees fantastic handbags made entirely of duct tape. Everyone loved them! We also handed out goodie bags that contained a business card, coupon card, eyeglass cleaner, a cleaning cloth, eyeglass key chain and some sweet treats. We've had a blast meeting new people and showing them what our shop has to offer. Participants not only come to check out the artistic offerings they also love to look at the beautiful and funky eyewear we have on display. Being involved with this monthly art event gives us an opportunity to get to know our neighborhood better and really connect with those that may never have stumbled upon us otherwise. Because there is no fee for businesses to participate and the local chamber of commerce covers promotion and advertising, we enjoy a low-cost platform for expanding our customer base. If your neighborhood hosts community events such as art walks, I recommend that your office get involved on some level. It's great publicity and it's a great chance for your staff to get creative.