It’s all in the accessories!

Everyone loves a free gift with purchase and why should eyewear be any different! At Eclectic Eye we like to provide each customer the tools they need to really love their glasses in the bag at pick up. We also love to pass on items that come from different brands when the customer purchases at a trunk show or special event. Most of our frame lines offer a cool case and cleaning cloth, while some really take it to the next level. In addition to the “freebies” we prefer to keep our accessories near the dispensing area so that customer can pick up exactly what they need to complete the purchase. I’d like to show you a few examples of awesome add-ons from us at Eclectic Eye and from other frame lines we love! Brand recognition is important these days and some of the lines we carry make this really fun for the consumer.

We want the customer to feel special when they come in to pick up their new glasses. We all know that dispensing can be something fun and exciting for the customer (new glasses, new look, new vision!). At times it can be a totally new experience for first time glasses or first time progressive wearers. Our presentation and detailed adjustments work to comfort those customers that are less than enthused about wearing glasses.

We like to present the customer with a neatly wrapped gift bag when they arrive and bring them over to the dispensing area to showcase their new specs. Once we have fitted them properly we do a quick overview of what they will find in their bag.

We provide the customer everything they need to care for their glasses: Cleaning cloth, lens spray, and a guide on how to care for your glasses. We throw in a magnet and sticker just for fun and both kids and adults enjoy these little add-ons.

In addition to what we provide at the time of purchase we also like to offer accessories to enhance your everyday eyewear experience. We carry LaLoop, Valrose accessories, Croakies, and Oyobox to offer multiple options and price points. Valrose offers colorful cases and inexpensive, but adorable eyewear retainers for men or women. Oyobox should be a staple for anyone with an eyewear wardrobe. I like to stay organized and this keeps my collection together and protected.

We also feel it is important to represent the brands that we partner with and love so much. When preparing a job for a customer each optician matches the frame to the proper case and branded cleaning cloth in addition to what we provide. I love to see the originality and design from each brand. They are all so different and many of them multi task as pieces of art. Francis Klein has a beautiful, whimsical case and cloth design.

Moscot has to be one of my favorites! They have done amazing things growing their frame lines and consumer awareness and you can really see their brilliance by simply looking at some of their extras. You can see that their case, cloth, and tote bag exemplify their culture and company by using vintage images and their signature eye catching yellow.

If you use Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen this playful sunwear line out of New Orleans. Their popularity has grown exponentially and their marketing team is top notch. Their cases and cleaning cloths showcase the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition and immediately give you glimpse of their inspiration. They also provided “Krewezies” to our customer who purchased at a recent trunk show and act as great conversation starter to get their customers talking about their brand. Recently, they’ve partnered with Pintrill to offer limited edition pin sets that are so cool. The customer can purchase them individually or in a set and they sold out in no time.

Showcasing the customer’s purchase at dispense, providing them with all the extras they need, and having accessories that make glasses wearing easier and more fun are keys to a happy relationship. At Eclectic Eye we think of the eyewear selection process as telling a story and no one wants to skip the ending! We are giving the customer the information they need to be an informed consumer on the front end and arming them with everything they need to love their glasses at dispense!