Independent Eyewear Day!

Luxury Eyewear Forum has declared Friday, May 20, 2016 as Independent Eyewear Day. On this day, LEF would like individuals to: "Celebrate independent design in eyewear on this day. All the small design houses, manufacturers and distributors who keep the spirit of independence alive with their commitment to amazing and different eyewear. Without them this industry would be consist only of overly mass produced and soulless product."

At Eclectic Eye, we pride ourselves on offering products that are thoughtfully curated, unique, creative, luxurious and handcrafted by independent designers from across the globe with families just like us, in a small business just like us.

To show you just how much we love independent eyewear brands, each member from our team took a moment to share why they love independent eyewear.

I love independent eyewear because...

of the careful designs and details you find in each frame. Many of them provide custom and handmade options, so you can have a completely unique frame.
— Lindsay Dotson
of innovative design and unique product individuality.
— Randall Bennett
the word independent implies the ability to be free to make individual decisions based solely on design and personal preference without the interference of the ‘bigs.’ Independent eyewear is our business model and this is why our eyewear is so unique and envied by all who visit both of our stores.
— David Hollis
they take pride in their unique works of art that are also a medical necessity to some.
— Taylor Shockley
I can express my creativity and style quickly and easily with a pair of independent frames. I can have different moods depending on the frame I choose to wear for the day, and now I am known for my gorgeous, unique frame selection.
— Rebecca Allen
I know that the passion to create something unique and beautiful is what drives the process. Not making a cheaper product for a better margin to give the shareholders a better dividend.
— Dr. Michael Weinberg
I appreciate the idea of creating a unique, individual and artistic experience for everyone, and that’s what you get while wearing lines that are independent: pieces that are unique, individual and artistic in their own right.
— Gabbi Sehar
It supports independent opticians that are truly artists in their creation and design of frames. I would love for everyone to experience the difference in quality and care that goes into this. It’s a difference you can actually feel the moment you put a frame on.
— Erika McChesney
they represent better design and careful manufacturing to provide unique styles that feel good and fit well.
— Jamie Yarbrough
it provides a unique, artistic, creative option for what you wear every day on your face.
— Robbie Johnson Weinberg
it’s a functional accessory with personality. Independent designers offer more unique, thoughtful designs, which gives the consumer an unconventional vehicle for self-expression.
— Lindy Faulkner
the creators and designers are not afraid to push the limits of style and fashion; it represents a true artistic expression.
— Chris Faulkner
of the uniqueness and creativity it presents while wearing a piece on your face.
— Dr. Carrie Irvine

About Luxury Eyewear Forum

LEF is the central hub to find a clear distinction between mass-produced licensed eyewear and purely designer driven and unique handmade eyewear creations. Visit their website here for more information.

We’re looking forward to celebrating again next year!