Theo Gymnast Collection

Theo is and has always been one of my favorite eyewear collections. The company, out of Belgium, is not scared to push the limits, uses a wide variety of color, and focuses on intricate design techniques to make a truly original piece. Theo dominates my personal eyewear collection and I get compliments every time I wear one out.

I was recently introduced to a new mini collection from Theo: The Gymnast Collection

This collection is made of four frames each with a bridge detail made to mimic the movement and bodies of 4 very talented Olympic gymnasts. I had to have one for my personal collection! In typical Theo style there were many colors to choose from and I settled on blue; my go to eyewear color. The shape fit well and complimented my prescription so it was a no-brainer.

I selected the Epke shape named after Epke Zonderland who appeared in the London games in 2012. Other shapes include Olga Korbut (Munich 1972), Nadia Comaneci (Montreal 1976), and Sawao Kato (Montreal 1976). Check out some of the photo below of the Epke design and tell me what you think!

Fun Fact: While in NYC for Vision Expo I ran into one of the co-creators of the brand and he was wearing the same frame!! SO COOL!