[INTERVIEW] Glasses vs Contacts

People tend to stick with what they know and like best, but when it comes to glasses or contact lenses, it’s important to use both.

Glasses and contact lenses each have their benefits, so people should take advantage of them. Often times, contact wearers are afraid that glasses won’t look good on them or that the frames won’t fit right, and glasses wearers are scared to put in contacts or may even think that contacts will cause eye infections.

While all of these scenarios COULD happen, you can reap the benefits and feel comfortable wearing both contact lenses and glasses with the assistance from trained and experienced individuals in the eyewear industry.

We’re going to start by chatting with Rebecca Allen, Eclectic Eye eyewear architect, about her love for glasses and her process of learning to use and enjoy contact lenses.

Glasses or contacts?

R: I have always LOVED glasses, and before working at Eclectic Eye, I would’ve never thought of contact lenses as an option. Thanks to the awesome team at Eclectic Eye, I now wear both glasses and contacts.

Why glasses?

R: For me, glasses have always been an easy and fashionable accessory. It’s fun to mix up an outfit with a stylish pair of glasses!

How did you overcome your fear of contact lenses?

R: I used to be terrified to even watch someone put in contacts. When I began studying for my ABO test, I needed to learn how to use them, so I began learning from my co-workers and watching the process. About a week later, I was able to do it and realized it’s not as scary as I thought.

When is it more beneficial to wear contacts?

R: Although contact lenses will never be a replacement for my glasses, they do have their benefits. They don’t get in the way when playing sports and exercising, won’t fog up in cold weather, and you can find out what you look like with different eye colors by using color contact lenses! It’s not nearly as scary as it looks, so if you're hesitant like I was, come by Eclectic Eye and we’ll help you out.

Opposite from Rebecca, Lindsay Dotson, office administrator at Eclectic Eye, had never worn glasses before joining the Eclectic Eye team. She was always cautious because she had never found a pair that she felt comfortable and confident in. 

In this Q&A with Lindsay, we learn about her experience with contacts and glasses.

Glasses or contacts?

L: When I began working at Eclectic Eye, I had never worn glasses before and totally over-wore my contacts. I had never found a pair that I liked, so I was a contact lens girl. However, now I use both.

Why contacts?

L: They are easy and I had so many poor experiences with glasses. Any glasses I tried on either didn’t fit well or the vision wasn’t quite right. Even though my contacts gave me dry eyes, I continued wearing them.

When did you start wearing glasses and why?

L: After working at Eclectic Eye for about a month, the team helped me try on and learn about the ideal fit of glasses and how to adapt to them. I was finally able to find glasses that I liked and fit well, plus my vision was just as good as when I had my contacts in.

My eyes also felt amazing after a few days of wearing glasses! They weren’t dry and irritated like they had been when I was wearing contacts.

How many pairs of glasses do you now have?

L: I began working at Eclectic Eye in August 2015, and I already have FIVE pairs of glasses! My contact lenses are still beneficial in various circumstances, so I think it’s important to have both glasses and contacts.

Any advice for someone who is trying to find a pair of frames?

L: There are so many different shapes, colors and styles of frames, so there are PLENTY of options to complement your facial shape. Our team can help you find the perfect frame to make you feel confident in how you look, while also providing the best vision possible.