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Eclectic Eye recently partnered with Memphis Fashion Week to showcase eyewear with the beautiful garments on display. This fun-filled event was upgraded to full week status (over just a weekend) this year, and it was a great opportunity to see local developing designers’ and mainstream, established designers’ spring and summer offerings. Memphis is a city of up-and-coming, hard-working, driven individuals who love the social and economic climate that Memphis has to offer. The week is comprised of multiple events and runway shows that showcase Memphis’ beauty through so much more than the outfits gracing the runway.

To kick things off we went the VIP preview Party at Jay Etkin Gallery. Freeze models showcase some of the Emerging Designer Project looks, and this year a local boutique, Found, styled these fresh looks with beautiful vintage jewelry and accessorized each outfit. That’s where I come in. In addition to the accessories, eyewear is styled to compliment the clothing. Each Emerging Designer had the opportunity to show at least one look, and each beautiful model had a fresh eyewear accessory to compliment that look.

Eyewear comes back into focus at the first runway show event of the week. On Friday, we converged on Memphis College of Art’s Rust Hall for the first of two runway shows. The focus of this night is the = and all looks are a showcased to highlight local entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. The freeze models were again our main focus, considering each outfit and face to determine what would be the most fitting eyewear tribute to each garment. I worked to style the models with pieces that compliment the outfit, face shape, and avant garde feel of the event. Memphis Fashion Week selects the best of the best and separates them into singles vs. mini collections to allow designers with all capacities and visions to show on the runway. 

At the finale of Memphis Fashion Week we saved the best for last. This is when brands that, while not local, are offered at local boutiques across the city. Attendees get to see the newest styles and the info on where to buy without having to travel or search online for the designers that they saw on the runway. We had the pleasure of visiting the Memphis Zoo this year for the MFW finale. Any Memphian knows that the zoo is one of our prized possessions, and to have a fashion event at the Teton Trek cabin is just amazing.

We stepped away from these events with a better understanding of what the Memphis fashion community wants and what really makes us different from the fifty other retailers of glasses (online and local) in our market. It is also a nice opportunity to insert eyewear into the fashion conversation. Some fashion lovers often forget about the impact of eyewear and these events almost always brings us new customers. I encourage you to find out if this type of event exists in your area and how to get involved. It has always been a wonderful experience for me and the boutique I work for, Eclectic Eye.