Fabulous & Funky: Francis Klein

A new Francis Klein collection has arrived at our midtown store and I’m in love!! The colors and shapes are so unique and each one is hand crafted in Paris. I reached my five year anniversary at Eclectic Eye this year so I decided to go a little crazy with a new pair of sunglasses to celebrate! I knew it had to be Francis Klein!

I decided on the Frou Frou. I was immediately drawn to the shape and once I found this pattern I couldn’t resist. The iridescent checkerboard pattern really shines in the sunlight and gives the frame a color changing effect depending on how the light hits.

Keeping with the multicolor of the frame I decided to add a gradient rainbow mirror to the lenses. This makes the frame pattern pop and really cuts excess glare on bright days. The mirror is paired with a premium digital lens by Shamir called the Autograph III.

Needless to say I’m so pleased with the way they turned out and I’ve always got my fingers crossed for a beautiful, bright day so that I can sport my fabulous new sunnies!!!