Trouble shooting Patient Rx issues

Following up with customers and trouble-shooting patient issues is just part of the territory in the life of an Optician, but I know many shops address this and handle it differently.

Our #1 concern (as it should be) is customer satisfaction. Finding the perfect frame that the customer falls in love with and fits beautifully, but also lenses that fit their life style and prescription. We work to have the same optician helping the customer pick out their glasses, dispenses the glasses to them, and then follows up with them after 2 weeks of wear. We love to hear that a customer is super happy and loving their glasses, but the main reason we do the follow up calls is to make sure we have the opportunity to fix any issues that may have not been obvious during production or dispense. We see that customers often have problems they don’t bring to our attention. We never want the beautiful glasses they’ve gotten to end up in a drawer a few weeks after purchase.  Also, they are less likely to come back for another pair, which is something we want to avoid completely.

At the time of the call we listen to the customer and if they have any issues we determine what course of action makes sense for the complaint. Most of the time it’s a simple adjustment to the frames. Maybe we didn’t get it just perfect on the initial dispense or their wife picked them up for them so the fit wasn’t assessed. We encourage them to come in and let us check the fit and at that time we can get more information on the complaint. If we determine that the adjustment is perfect and the customer is still having issues we go into our Eyewear Analysis procedure.

The Eyewear Analysis is a comprehensive look at all aspects of the glasses; Rx, fit, and a comparison to previous glasses. We compare the previous glasses when making the new, but sometimes a nuance could be missed. We have a form that we use for this process so each Optician follows the same routine. At this point we go into “sleuth mode”!

The key to this process is a solid patient complaint. Once we have the complaint we evaluate Rx, base curves, lens styles, etc. and compare this to the old glasses to determine what needs to happen next. Sometimes we need a refraction, sometimes we don’t, but by going through this process EVERY TIME we avoid multiple remakes and are able to get the customer into a comfortable fit and vision on the FIRST remake.

I’ve included a photo of the Eyewear Analysis form so you can see the steps we take. Does you dispensary have a form like this? How does it differ from ours? 

How does your dispensary handle the “I can’t see” complaint?