Wait & See [Leanne Murabito]

I can remember being a child watching cartoons like the Jetsons and thinking to myself, "we will never be able to put food into a box and have it cooked instantly" .... Or "Get Smart" bumbling Agent Maxwell Smart the guy who talked into his shoe phone and later on Star Trek when Captain Kirk would talk into his watch, ... all the while thinking that'll never happen! 
It seems like a higher intelligence, perhaps aliens, have happened upon this earth and shared amazing technologies once only dreamed of. As I sit here and ponder the future of Eyewear I can't help but think- will opticians create and design their own frames through 3-D printing technology? 

Will we no longer require storefronts, but just catalogs much like portfolios of work we've done? And after all of these 3-D printers can print frames I'm sure they can print prescription lenses, thinner lighter and with better optics that we've ever dreamed of. 

Now that I think about it the question isn't do you think ? but when do you thinkā€¦???
Guess were just gonna have to wait and SEE.