Best true story I've heard yet


The best true story I've EVER heard about how someone lost their glasses!!!

Last week, a wonderful client of mine graced my door once again. It had been just a few months prior that she had to purchase a replacement pair --- for the previous pair, had met an untimely fate.---- But today as I looked at the expression on her face, I just could sense something was "off", ... it wasn't the same look as last time... something---??? held her face hostage, but I wouldn't understand "the look" until I was told the reason. So she sits down,,,,, , and I say "why so bummed??"--- slowly shaking her head left to right she says " I lost my newest pair of glasses,!!!!! ( now this woman's glasses aren't cheap-- she likes good looking frames and has free-form progressives, transitions & anti reflection coatings, so you can understand her disappoint) ..I think to myself "no way", but only wrinkle my forehead and cock my head in disbelief --- she's like YUP!!----I can't believe this happened to me!!!!,, So I say ... "Well, tell me what happened"?? ---- With a face as surprised as mine she says" a WOLF stole them!!" --- Now, I'm laughing( to myself) and thinking --- "if this isn't BS I don't know what is!!" ---- until she says "No Leanne, REALLY!!!----that's what happens when you forget to take your glasses off before going into the enclosure." I'm like "what??? --WHAT enclosure?? Come to find out,,,,,she actually does work with wolves and she forgot to take her glasses off before entering the enclosure and the female wolf took the glasses off her face and ran off with them!!!" Can you believe it?!!