Warranty and Returns

Recently we made a few changes to our return and warranty policy on frames and lenses. Where do you draw the line on how many times you warranty a frame? Do you accept a return on a customized product such as lenses? All very good questions. We customized our policies to our needs, policies can certainly differ widely from optical to optical. We came up with what will work best for us.
Our first step was to establish and customize the policies. We designed a written policy brochure and had it printed by our local printer. Every patient receives this brochure when their new eyewear is dispensed. Every patient leaves with and knows exactly how a situation will be handled "just in case". Of course exceptions can happen on an individual basis.
Our brochure first thanks the patient for their recent eyewear purchase and for choosing Uptown Eye Care. It also reminds the patient that their new eyewear is customized for their specific needs.
The next section of the brochure covers our return policy and fees involved with a complete return of their customized eyewear. Restyles , prescription changes and the timeline of how long they have to have the courtesy remake done at no charge. Of course what constitutes a manufacture defect from an accident or abuse is covered and what fees are associated with a warranty replacement. 
The brochure ends positively with what Uptown Eye Care offers free of charge with their new eyewear purchase. Courtesy adjustments, cleaning and nosepads for the lifetime of their new eyewear.
Every patient invests a significant amount of money into their new eyewear. Each patient deserves to know what to expect "just in case".