Little Red Hen

Who doesn't know the old folk tale of "The Little Red Hen"?  Nobody, that's who!  The best known version in the United States is by Little Golden Books. The story is applied in teaching children the virtues of the work ethic and personal initiative. And as you know, know one ever wants to feel like the Little Red Hen.
As Optical Manager I like to teach my children, for the purpose of the blog I will call them opticians, this same work ethic. Don't get me wrong, the opticians teach me just as much and more than I could ever teach them, I am privileged to work with such a talented group. One thing we started doing years ago that has paid off is to assign tasks to each optician and also assigning a backup optician to the same task. Those tedious jobs that nobody wants to do now have a name attached to them. From ordering supplies, calibrating the tracer, Visi Office maintenance, entering frames, invoicing and the list just goes on and on. Every year we sit down and reassign a new optician to these same tasks. And yes, we have  the list on our desk top that everyone knows who is in charge of that task.  
So many times you see an office lose a key staff member and nobody else knows all the little things they did around the office or how to do them or who to contact if a question comes up.  No problem with my opticians I have someone to fill the void. I had a backup in place and I also have 2-3 other opticians from previous years that know how to do the task. This process has worked very well over the years and it gives every optician responsibility and ownership no matter how long they have been with us.

Know one should have to feel like the Little Red Hen ever again. Now to get this mastered in my home life.