Your Inner McGyver

For those of us who remember the TV show McGyver we remember a man that demonstrated resourcefulness, knowledge and pure craftsmanship to resolve what were often life or death crises. He was put to the test in dire circumstances with little time or resources with which to work. He always came out on top on every episode.

In the optical world we all have a little optical McGyver in us. A patient brings in a broken frame. They have no backup pair of glasses to wear while we order a new frame for them. What do we do? At that moment our inner McGyver kicks in. We come up with a plan for a repair, it may not be the best looking repair, but they will have a functioning pair of glasses until we can get a new pair of glasses for them.

Our most creative McGyver in our optical department is also known as John. John is amazing at fixing zyl frames when they break on the bridge or the temple breaks off. When John arms himself with a 3/64" Dremel Drill, a large paper clip, super glue and a marker he is unstoppable! He marks the frame with the marker so he can line the drill holes up, he drills one hole on each side, cuts the paper clip to length, super glues and inserts the paper clip into place and SHAZAM we now have a repaired frame to buy some time until we can get a new frame for the patient. This is just one of many weapons John keeps in his arsenal of repairs.

How do you release your optical McGyver of repairs?