"The Patient Handoff"

You have a patient that is done with their eye exam and now it is time for them to move from the exam room to the optical area. How do you ensure a smooth transfer? Who will guide the patient through the rest of the process?

At Uptown Eye Care we use a pager system to help with a smooth transfer from the doctor to the optician. Each exam room is equipped with a paging system and in the optical lab we have a pager that will sound when the doctor is ready for an optician. When the pager sounds an available optician goes to the exam room that is displayed on the pager. The optician will knock on the door and then enter. An introduction is then given by the doctor. After the introduction the hand off process begins.

In the hand off, the doctor will give a brief summary to the patient and the optician about the exam, any changes the patient has had, any concerns, and when the next routine eye exam should be. During this time the doctor will also talk about the different prescriptions that have been written, eyewear and lens recommendations, supplement recommendations, and any follow up appointments that need to be scheduled.

The pager system is a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and also helps with the privacy of our patients information (HIPPA). We have used this system for almost 10 years and have had great success with it!