Eyewear Gallery Remodel

OMG, Optical Marketing Group, recently had a webinar titled “The New Rules Of Optical Retailing.” In order to increase sales, an optical should be updated regularly.  This isn’t only about the POP displays, but the actual displays that are frames are shown on.  Here are a few bullet points.

New Rules of Optical Retailing

Optical Clutter is Out, Clean and Simple is In

The Less is More Concept. An office in Dallas was given as an example.  This particular office decluttered their space and their optical sales increased 30%!

Signage is Essential

Less than 5% of optical retailers currently have proper signage throughout their facilities which make it difficult for the patient to identify brands, gender, etc. Also incorporate your brand around your office.

Retail Storytelling leads to discovery and multiple pair sales. 

Explain to the patient why the more expensive frames are worth the extra money.

Frame Boards are a thing of the past.  Minimal shelving is in.

Lighting is As Important As How the Merchandise is Displayed

Opticals typically have poor lighting. As a result, after glasses are dispensed, the patient may have regrets because the color isn’t the same as they thought. Better lit opticals are more inviting creating a more comfortable space and the patient stays longer.

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