A New Venture

Neal Walsh said, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This statement has held to be so true in my new optical adventure. 

After years of working in optometry practices as a certified optician and optical manager, I decided to start my own business. I’ve always had a love of everything natural, and feel that there is so much from the earth that can be used to help support our bodily systems; especially our eyes. After eight months of planning, in November of 2015, I opened an online retail store specializing in selling eco-friendly eyewear and herbal products geared toward eye health and overall wellness. The Herbal Spectacle, LLC offers everything from recycled, bamboo and beech wood glasses, to herbal eye soaks, eye pillows, under eye serums, eye health tonics and more! 

Running my business has been a crazy challenge, but it has been more rewarding than any other working experience I have ever had. With my extensive knowledge in the optical and medical side of eye care, and my knowledge with herbs and natural remedies, I am able to provide my clients with advice on how to care for their eyes in a more natural way. I will be announcing some big advancements in the business in a few months, and can’t wait to have you all by my side as I continue down the entrepreneur path! Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, and this accomplishment would have never happened, if I hadn’t decided to take a leap and fly.