Anti-Fatigue Lenses: The Baby Progressive!

We live in a digital age, and more and more of us are finding that we are needing help to see up close. In our office, we are finding that accommodation issues are starting younger and younger, and there are more teenagers needing near correction. In some cases, a patient is not needing a +1.00 add power, and the patient can be between a +0.50 or a +0.75 add. The perfect lens for these patients is an Anti-Fatigue lens. This lens design allows a patient to have between a +0.50 and +0.75 boost in the bottom portion of their glasses. I call it the "baby progressive," as it isn't as hard to get used to as a full progressive lens, and allows the patient just the right amount of near focal power to help their eye feel at ease when doing near tasks. 

Often times when patients hear they are going to need a progressive lens they get nervous, as they have heard horror stories of how these lenses work. If you have a patient that is having trouble up close, but isn't really ready for a progressive, offer them an Anti-Fatigue lens and describe it as training wheels for a progressive lens. This will help them not to fear progressive lenses in the future and will also let them know that it is not the exact same lens design as the "scary progressives" they have heard of.

Our patients who utilize the Anti-Fatigue lens are very happy and really appreciate their new crisp vision at distance and near. Try Anti-Fatigue lenses in your practice, and eliminate the fear of no line bifocals in the future.