Know where your key touch points for BluTech Lenses are in your practice, and increase your optical revenue in the process!

BluTech lenses are taking the nation by storm as the public learns more and more about high energy visible light (HEV), or blue light as most of us know it by. 

Blue light is the more harsh or damaging light in the visible light spectrum, measuring at 400 - 500 nanometers.  This light is so detrimental to our eyes, that it has been linked to eye fatigue, sleep deprivation, and even worse; macular degeneration (AMD) which is central vision loss or blindness. 

Through research we have learned that the ultra violet light enters the front part of the eye and gets absorbed in the lens of the eye causing discoloration which is also known as cataracts.  The blue light in the spectrum actually goes past the lens in our eye and gets absorbed in the macula, the part of our eye which is responsible for all central vision. 

The blue light that comes from the sun and all digital devices, can deplete the pigment in our macula, and in turn puts us more at risk for AMD. Educating your customers about the damaging effects of blue light is important, and by doing so, you will be able to prescribe them a lens to protect their eyes for years and years to come.  Not only will this education be able to protect your customers eyes, it will also help you increase your profitability in the optical and become a premier retailer in your area for the latest and greatest in technology. 

There are a few ways to implement selling BluTech lenses in your practice and timing is key!  You need to plant the seed from the moment the customer walks in your door.  You never want to be overkill with a product, but having some educational material available to your clientele is important and necessary in order to get questions flowing. 

Have a brochure about BluTech Lenses at your front desk to grab customers attention as they check-in, and be sure your receptionist is always asking if they can provide your customers with an optician before their appointment to help them in the optical and talk with them about the latest in lens technology.  This can instantly start the conversation about BluTech before the patient ever gets to the doctor and expedite your time in the optical with the patient after their appointment.  

If you have a TV in your reception area, have a loop running of key videos about BluTech lenses and how blue light can affect us and our children.  There is no better way into a parents heart than to tell them what they can be doing to help protect and preserve their child’s precious sight!  With children using digital devices more and having less pigment in their macula than an adult, they are the most affected by blue light and prime candidates for BluTech lenses.  

The next place a patient should be hearing about BluTech lenses is in the pretest room.  Have your medical assistants talk with patients about how they use their eyes to help guide the doctor and optician in their lens conversations.  If your assistants are hearing that the patient spends eight hours a day on the computer, offering that patient an eyewear solution to make their eyes feel more soothed, at ease, and protected from that damaging blue light is easy! The conversation can be short and sweet, by simply saying, “I bet your eyes feel very tired at the end of the day with so much computer work.  I’ll have the doctor talk with you about BluTech lenses to make you feel more soothed and protect your eyes from the blue light that is emitted from the screen.”    These two simple sentences let your patient know you care about their eyes and you want them in the best lens technology has to offer!

After seeing the videos in the reception area, and hearing about the lenses in pretest, its now up to the doctor to prescribe these lenses to the patient.  After all, it’s the doctors prescription and advice that the patient is always going to follow.  The doctors role is to give the patient the numbers, statistics, and health issues that occur with AMD, sleep deprivation and poor eyesight all due to increased screen time and exposure to the sun.     By the doctor prescribing BluTech lenses to the patient for both indoor and outdoor use, the opticians job is to simply to fill the prescription! 

When the patient makes it out to the optical, demonstrations using a blue light pen can be shown to the patient so they can physically see the difference of how blue light passes through a normal lens compared to a BluTech lens.  In addition, the patient can take a look at an example of BluTech in a pair of plano glasses, so they can admire the champagne color tint and see for themselves how color contrast is increased when wearing these lenses and how digital device screen glare is reduced.  Once the customer tries these lenses on, they will want nothing more than to walk out the door with them!

Implementing BluTech lenses in your office is easy and can help you increase your revenue in your optical!  The lens is now available in many popular progressive designs as well as single vision, bifocals, and trifocals.  BluTech outdoor sunglasses are also available and are the only polarized sunglass lens that allows you to see your digital devices easily.  Imagine being able to look at your cell phone while hiking and not having to lift your glasses up or tilt your head to the side to see the screen.  This is one selling point that all of my customers love!

Educate your patients on the risks of blue light and provide them with a lens that will give them a fashion statement for their eyes with an added health benefit!  Your customers will be happy and your revenue will soar!