Practice makes perfect for success in the optical!

Have you ever played a sport or an instrument? If the answer is yes, you know that it takes practice to master your craft! In the optical, the same strategy applies, and continued training is a must to be sure you are ready for your game with the other competition out there!

It's typical that when we feel we know something, we slow down our learning and training. With the way technology is advancing in the industry, its a MUST to practice our wording with patients on a regular basis so we don't get rusty, and can provide our customers with the best time to train properly:

  • Designate a day once a week for training. If your office is too busy to have an admin day, schedule at least one day a month to be open, but not see scheduled exams so that you can practice roll playing with your team.
  • Practice roll playing at your weekly office meeting. Bread into teams and have one team member be the patient, while the other is the optician!
  • Write your scripts and rehearse them on your own time! You don't want to sound like a robot, but writing and practicing your scripts for your optical encounters is a great way to be sure you are hitting all of your key points with your patients.
  • Quiz each other! Have fun with your optical lingo, and throw a tough patient question each others way so you have the proper response when customers throw you a hard bone to chew!
  • Last but not least, consider recording yourself in the optical. When you play the tape back, do you hear anything that could be improved? If so, fix it and try again.

Making time to do at least a few of these things will be a sure way to master your skill of opticianry and impress your customers each time you are in the optical!