Blue Ridge Passion

Hi! I'm Katie, and that's me standing on my head! 

One thing you quickly learn about me is that I love anything and everything optical and in addition, I'm an advocate for healthy living!

I currently reside in Asheville, North Carolina and am originally from the mountains of Virginia.  Two and a half years ago I took a job in Asheville [never having been to the city before] in "optical sales."  I had no idea what the field entailed or what the city had waiting for me.  After packing all of my belongings, loading my two cats [one with three legs], my Shih Tzu, and my puffer fish in a car, I started the trek down south to Asheville; a small city nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains filled with art, health, beer and outdoor recreation. 

When I started my career in optical sales, I knew quickly this was a field I wanted to stay in.  I learned everything I could in a short amount of time by studying every night after work about everything in the field.  I learned about eye disease, glasses, instruments and more! You could say I was pretty much an optical sponge for the first year of my career in an optometry office, and the learning never ends! 

I did some medical assisting while working in the optometry office along side of my optical work, but the optical was where my heart was [and is]. I love styling patients in new glasses and talking to them about how new lens technology will help them see even sharper than before.  In addition to styling patients, I love to manage the optical, making sure all of our vendors and lines are in order, and our cost of goods is low and our profits high!   

After two years and and two months of work in the office that brought me to Asheville, I decided to take an opportunity at a new office managing their optical and troubleshooting glasses.  Over the past year I have become a certified optician and plan on seeking licensure next.  I love to continue to learn about lenses and new, sizzling eyewear lines!  In addition, even though I'm mainly in optical, I love to learn about alternative, natural methods to treat eye disease and vision problems.  

On this blog you will hear me talk about healthy living and your eyes, optical frame buying and how to style patients, merchandising, social media and more! I'm also a professional photographer, so get ready for lots of pictures! I'm so excited to be part of a hub with other amazing opticians where we can collaborate, learn from, and teach each other.  Stay tuned for more updates!