Family Owned, because you're family

Image by  Scoogle Eyewear

LIFE - what is it?

While we sleep, while we play, while we work - we live life.

LIFE to me is love.

This one day my daughter was a little under the weather. The daycare couldn't take her. I couldn't leave her at home. So I made a bed from bean-bags at my Optical Store, where she would eventually sleep - but before that, she was too interested in what I do and want to show me drawings she made.

We laughed, we play, we served customers and some customer returned and with gifts for her.
Later she eventually slept and this is the photo of happiness, the type of contentment I aim to keep in the front of my mind during those tough days, the long days and those when I just want to scream.

It was the best days I've had with my daughter and my store.