Mr Niloca

This month we’re giving away a secret.

It’s not so much a secret, it’s a wider broadcast and sharing of a tip that works for us as an independent successful optometrist.
We all know the brands and concepts that are successful, they’re usually the ones doing something slightly different. So our latest success has comes from an idea we started ages ago informally called Tuesday Shoeday. It’s now taken on a life of it’s own and we’re delighted with the success as it complements our service orientated practice which combines amazing eye tesst, lenses and of course frames. I think the key to the success was due to our clientele, they actually all love shoes – so if you want to try something the same as us, look at your customers first – what gets them excited? Cruise Ship Holidays, Art, Cars, Flowers etc. Then create a weekly blog/post/FB entry that captures that excitement.
I don’t want to sound lectureous, it works for us and is simple to do. Attached is a boutique Australia frame made in France called Niloca, the shoes are from an Italian company and they go together perfectly for our clientele. We have so much fun doing this, it’s a nice break to the regular routine.