Christmas in July

Winter in southern parts of Australia is a bleak cold affair – by Australian standards. Most of the local population in Melbourne actually vacate NORTH, north to the snow, north to tropical beaches or north – northern hemisphere. So to liven things up a little, we decided to hold a party, a Christmas in July, shindig, a soiree, a DUDES DAY especially for men!!

We called in some favours and lucky for us they all came through. We had craft beer from a local micro-brewery Holgate, cut-throat shaves by Rockit Barber, push bikes by English company Factor Bikes and Swedish Viva bikes, Ducati Monsters, Hoya’s latest workstyle V+, barbequed cheese cranskys and an electric car by Tesla.  Oh and we launched the ultimate mancessroy – Hoet Couture – 3D printed titanium eyewear.