"LOOK" The Part

Crazy hair, loud, heavily tattooed and slightly inappropriate. That's how I am often described. I don't necessarily look the part. But I am 100% optician! I come to work every day with a smile on my face, a positive attitude and a goal to make at least one person's day better. That being said it's not always easy. I try to remind all my patients why they choose us instead of the big corporate competition. I do that by going over and above expectations, solving a problem before it becomes a problem, and never saying I don't know. If I am not sure about something I will find an answer fast. This week I had the ultimate compliment. "You love your job and it shows!" Well that is true an I am so happy that people can see it! Life gives us lemons, limes and grumpy people, with them I make lemonade, margaritas, and grumpy people in beautiful glasses!