Handcrafted Bits of Heaven

So, I recently had the pleasure of seeing RVS Eyewear.  Holy Moly, these little jewels of hand made fun are just waiting to jump off my shelves.  Striking colors, solid construction, unique patterns, and bold modern styling are the hallmarks of this line, it may be new to the market (at least it was new to me!), but hold on to your hats people, this line is primed to take off.  If you’re looking for something a bit on the funky side of the frame styling barometer, you will definitely want to check this line out!  Aaand, if you’re a frame freak like me, you will totally appreciate that these little babies are hand made!  Seriously, think about how much time it must take to make each of these gorgeous frames by hand!  Love the attention to detail and even the red painted heads on the screws!  Check them out, frame freak approved!