Same Ol Trunk Sho No Mo! A New Kind of Event!

Getting tired of the same old trunk show format? Looking for something different for your patients to experience? Consider throwing a real event that is sure to keep your patients talking! Case in point, we are having an event at our office that includes food from a local chef, wine tasting by our local wine bar, and a fabulous local live band. The goal here is to cross promote local businesses and expose our people to other businesses they might also love! Each of the participating businesses will send invitations to their own patrons and we hope to together have a huge, fun event! We're not sure if we should expect many sales that evening, but we are sure hoping to gain some street cred and hopefully schedule lots of appointments that evening! We've never thrown a real event like this, so I'll keep you posted, but so far the buzz it is generating is huge!

Johnna Dukes

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