Daily Inspiration

Ever find yourself in a rut? Maybe you’ve worked with three patients in a row, all with various complaints, and you find yourself feeling a bit down and out? This is the perfect time to take stock of the awesome-ness that is Opticianry! That’s what I do!!

Did you know that we as Opticians have the most awesome profession imaginable? When you think about it, what other industry requires analytical math skills, personal interaction and communication skills, creative thinking, and fashionable flair all rolled into one big ball of awesome? News flash, it’s Opticianry!!

When you really think about it, what we do is a mixture of bending light and making our patients look amazing all at once!

What I really love is that as Opticians, we give life to a bunch of numbers on a prescription pad! We make a tangible thing out of a written prescription, and we are tasked with doing this in a responsible and proficient way. Again, I’ll say it – Opticians have the most awesome profession imaginable!!