Awesome Frames

Soooo, we have frames. And then again, we have frames. And some more frames. Everyone knows there are about a million different companies from which to choose. How do YOU decide? I like to know the stories of my frame vendor so I can tell that story to the patient who is going to ultimately buy the frame. So, in that frame of mind, I really like the line Legre. Want to hear the story?? Legre is a company that was started by two Opticians, Len and Greg, thus the name Legre!! (Of course I love it when Opticians design my eyewear!! Go Opticians!!) Some of the hallmarks of this line are lots of color, shapes and styles that actually fit our patients and frames that take adjustment well!! This company is super easy to work with and they’ve got some really interesting pieces that are made to look like they’ve been finished out of wood! Highly recommend!