Who needs their tank refueled? Many of us feel the drain of the long winter as well as the everyday taxing of our brains at our offices. Wether I be the grind of office politics, the annoyance of insurance filing and processing VCP orders, clients not wanting to spend beyond their VCP limit. You name it they all drain us of our energy and most importantly our creative juices. What do you do to REFUEL? Well for me I go to the shows whenever I can. I especially enjoy VEE. It is at this show that I learn about what is coming in the not so distant future, wether it be stylish new frames or new lens technology, I also joy getting my geek on in the lab equipment areas. So now hat expo is behind us I hope you enjoyed yourselves and refueled the tank. I know my tank is on full. Who wouldn't be after seeing such gorgeous eyewear like this Francis Klein and not only that I was able to speak with Mrs. Klein. What a cool small company. This particular piece just blew me away. The detail is amazing. Enjoy and please share!!