Face ā Face

I personally love love love unique eyewear!! This beautiful selection is from Face ā Face the model is Shade 3 col-1221. I just love the way they transition the colors. What I really love most about this particular piece I recently sold, is the owner. She is a 14 year old girl who I was able to assist almost two years ago with a very brave piece of eyewear then as well. This young lady was very timid then yet after her first experience with fun eyewear she wanted to have a little more fun this time around. I love it when I can start their interest in unique eyewear even at a very young age. I am just glad for this girls parents sake she is an only child. LOL I try not to discriminate who I show bold unique high quality eyewear to. I assume they come to me because I love what I do and it shows in how I present the eyewear. If we all exhibit the type of contagious passion of our eyewear then our clients will trust us more. This will only help meet or exceed our sales goals and build trust in our clients. I believe this type of client care will strengthen our position as an integral part of the process in providing high quality eyecare and eliminate any thought of going anywhere else and especially NOT online.