#Vail 2015

Preparing for a global event. In just a few days the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships will take place in our little Colorado town. The spotlight will be on our community, how do you prepare yourself and your team for an event of this caliber? What was an ice rink yesterday is now being transformed into the official Championships Plaza. Opening ceremony, award presentation and nightly concerts are all taking place right at our front door. Amongst the mayhem we will need to keep our focus on what is important, our customers. Being in a resort location we are no strangers to international clients and large happenings but with this epic event we're not quite sure what to expect. All we can do is put our best foot forward and provide a unique optical experience with excellent customer service. To take some pressure off we've teamed up with our sales reps to make the most of this occasion and capture some exclusive opportunities. Maui Jim is the official sunglass of the World Cup and we will be participating with our rep Paul and his team to take on two separate booths during the festivities. We will also have trunk shows with Mykita, Zero G, Bentley, and Vuarnet over the course of the next two weeks. Having the sales reps bring in their product along with their expertise is a great way for us to showcase premier inventory and serve our customers better during this busy time. Doing these brand focused events will hopefully encourage foot traffic to our door instead of people avoiding us due to the massive crowds. Everything considered we are very excited and can't wait to see what happens when our store is surrounded with global attention. We know with the great team that we have it's going to be a memorable experience and more than anything we're going to have fun doing what we love.