Managing time....

One of the most critical skills for an optician, manager or Dr. is time management. We all have many tasks that need to get done every day. The question is how do we get all of our daily tasks done without taking time away from our patients, who pay us for our time and deserve the best possible service we can provide them. I have found that over the years one of the most effective tools to time management is organization of priorities.  Here’s how this works. 

  1. Start each day with a clean slate and a good attitude.  
  2. List all of your critical tasks to be done that day. (these are the ones you must accomplish). 
  3. Prioritize these in order from most critical to least critical. 
  4. Find time to schedule for each task on this list, Set the time aside whether it’s first thing the morning, or late in the evening.  
  5. Make your list flexible enough to account for the daily surprise (the one patient who takes up a significant piece of your time).  
  6. If you don’t get to the least critical, make them the most critical the next day.  

I have found by writing down a list and following the plan I get more productivity out of myself. Additionally don’t be afraid to delegate the least critical tasks to your staff. They just might surprise you.