What is Your Brand?

Hello there. I thought I would throw this question out there and see if anyone replies. What is your Brand? No I'm not talking about Brands like CK, MK Fendi, Gucci.... What I'm talking about is what is your office brand? I mean what is it that sets your office apart from all the other dispensaries out there? That thing is your brand. What is it? is it superior service, Knowledge, the best lenses, the best warranties. What is it? If your office doesn't have a brand then it will eventually get lost in all the hyperbole of the modern advertising machine. In my office we have built our brand around Superior service with the best available products. That's why we carry the hard to find lines like DITA and SALT. You just go get them anywhere. THen we just try to do it better than everyone else. That's my Brand, What's yours?