Teaching the next generation of Opticians

As seasoned opticians we have a responsibility to teach the next generation of opticians all of our skills and knowledge. Yes I said ALL of them. Think about it, we wont be around forever and for our profession to survive it must have highly skilled and competent opticians out in the field. When we hire a new apprentice they are as green as the spring grass. For a newbie to survive and flourish they must be mentored and taught. We should never hold back let them be the sponge that adsorbs all of our knowledge. After all, if they actually surpass us in skill or proficiency we have become the master teacher and can be very proud. Much like the martial arts master who only aspires that their students leave a greater legacy on the arts than the instructor did. We should also embrace this philosophy. My question is, how many of us are actually giving our all to developing our future opticians?