How was your company founded?

Have you ever thought of how opticians found jobs in the past?

The most utilized method was browsing craigslist - that's the same place people find used furniture and missing puppies. What did you think of your experience when finding a job as an optician? Was it easy and straight-forward, or confusing and complex? We found that opticians as a whole have described the current process as difficult and frustrating. We wanted to not only make the process easier but more enjoyable too.

The original concept for came about from two millennial optometrists, Dr. Matt Geller and Dr. Ryan Corte, when they were working on Dr. Geller’s online publication, They couldn’t help but notice the large number of recruiting inquiries coming into the site and decided that something needed to be done.

Instead of slapping together another job board, Dr. Corte and Dr. Geller brainstormed innovative and unique ways to help connect eye care professionals. What they came up with was the technological concept of

From there, Dr. Geller reached out to his brother, an acclaimed web developer, Josh Geller. Josh ended up quitting his full-time job in NYC to join the team.

The last addition to our team was Dr. Brett Kestenbaum, a motivated physical therapist and product of a family full of eye care professionals. Since joining the team, Brett has focused on a number of things, such as scaling into other health care entities and developing the Podcast “Identity”.

Although we live in 3 different states across the country, we work together daily using online collaboration platforms such as SLACK, ScreenHero, Podio, UberConference and Updatey. While remote working certainly isn’t easy, we meet often at professional conferences to collaborate in person as well.

Why did you get started in this industry? started because eye care professionals consistently point to staffing as their greatest cause of headaches. After doing extensive research, we found most of the technology available online was stale and outdated. We knew there had to be a better way!

Since two of the four team members are optometrists with extensive experience and professional relationships in eye care, we decided this would be an excellent profession to help first! This lead to the birth of - which was established the summer of 2014 with the long-term goal of improving the way people in health care connect.

What is one little-known fact about your company?

One little known fact is that the first people to ever use were a match and ended up working together.

During product development we performed lots of user testing, which is basically testing the product with real people to acquire honest feedback. Our CEO, Dr. Matt Geller, was the first “job seeker” to test out the system while Dr. John Fleming was the first “employer”. Dr, Geller and Dr. Fleming didn’t know each other prior to, however, the algorithm matched them nearly perfectly! Dr. Geller is now an employee at Dr. Fleming’s practice, Lakeside Optometry in San Diego, CA.

With the first ever users being a match, we knew that was destined for success!

What separates you from the competition? is not here to match you with an employee or employer then say goodbye. We are committed to strengthening eye care through making staffing a priority. Also, we are dedicated to delivering HR content in the form of articles, podcasts and videos.

Many staffing companies and job boards do the bare minimum to help their customers. In fact, very few are committed to solving the pain-points of eye care providers. That is what separates us! We are 100% committed to solving one of the biggest problem health care providers encounter by providing practices with the online tools to manage staff like never before.

Our proprietary algorithm takes into account a number of factors including: location, hours, culture & environment, compensation & benefits, experience, skills and much more! From there, we provide both parties with best fit matches based upon their responses while allowing them to keep things organized through our applicant tracking system.

Employers will have the option of keeping their job profile private or public while employees have the ability to highlight their strengths through our advanced profile settings. A typically employee profile will include the following: a professional photo, personal bio, education, work experience, professional involvements & licensures, awards, extracurriculars, volunteering, social media links and more!

What's one thing you'd like to share with opticians?

As optometrists, we want to let every optician know that we value you tremendously. You keep our practices fun and energetic while helping us serve the needs and wants of our patient base that we cherish so much!

For that, we are forever grateful!

We want to let you know that is on a mission to empower you, to increase your value and to show practice owners your true worth. We are here to give the average eye care practice the same culture as a silicon valley startup company with you in the driver seat.

As always, we are open to your feedback as we look to revolutionize the way eye care professionals connect!