INTERVIEW: Roland Wolf

How was your company founded?

ROLF Spectacles was founded by myself, Roland Wolf and Marija Iljazovic together with our siblings Christian Wolf and Martin Iljazovic. The story of ROLF Spectacles goes back to 2007, where it all started in a basement as a provisional experiment using a milking machine, moped brakes, old cylinders and Roland’s coffee table. The idea was to produce something new and unique, something which had never existed before – eyewear frames made out of wood with a wooden hinge and a special lens-glazing system. The first prototypes were presented at the trade fair Opti in Munich at the beginning of 2009, in the same year the first award, the Silmo d’Or 2009, was achieved at the trade fair Silmo in Paris, which was just beyond comprehension.

What are you most passionate about your company?

Passion is our underlying strength, without passion for what we do and how we do it, we would not be where we are today, passion allows you to reach your goals and to go that step further. ROLF Spectacles is passionate about eyewear design, finest natural materials and craftsmanship. We are also passionate about our home in the Tyrolean Alps, our roots and about making everything ourselves. Not just the eyewear frames, but also the eyewear cases, the sample cases and the exhibition stands.

What separates you from the competition?

ROLF Spectacles is still a family-run company, deeply-rooted in the Tyrolean mountains with strong beliefs and values, producing everything in-house in the Tirol, but with an international focus. We are down-to-earth and authentic following our passion while remaining true to our roots and putting an emphasis on setting trends in eyewear design and implementing new ideas.

How should we explain your product to our clients?

ROLF Spectacles produces handcrafted premium eyewear frames (wooden frames, stone frames and horn frames). The frames are unique, with a specially developed wooden hinge and lens-glazing system to allow glazing of inextensible materials. The ROLF Spectacles eyewear frames are handcrafted in the Tirol, made out of natural materials, extremely light, maintenance-free, antistatic, antiallergic and without metal or plastic. Above all, the eyewear frames are comfortable to wear and a real eyecatcher.

What keeps you motivated?

ROLF Spectacles is about passion for the old and enthusiasm for the new. The enthusiasm and excitement of creating new things and implementing new designs and materials keeps us motivated. Not to forget the positive feedback, the joy and delight that we receive from our clients and customers around the world.