INTERVIEW: Peter Sunderland

How Was Your Company Founded?

Booth&Bruce’s former owning company Urban eyewear wound down in Dec 2013 which meant that FRAMED opticians (Also owned by Optometrist directors Peter and Richard) would lose one of its bestselling ranges - consistently in the top three in both locations Manchester and London.

It was this loss to FRAMED that inspired Peter and Richard to save this great British brand, and stop it from disappearing. So in March 2014, Booth&Bruce was revived and continues to produce the funky, fashionable, frames that we are renowned for.

What Separates You From The Competition?

Since the takeover of the brand, FRAMED eyewear have brought social media to Booth&Bruce in a way that was never done in the past, and in a way that we feel is not currently offered by many other suppliers. We are personal with our social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, facebook, Pinterest and YouTube are all run by optometrist director Peter, all posts are made personally to the reader and target customer, with all posts directed towards Booth&Bruce answered in a timely manner. This can be shown in the #BandBSelfie campaign that we launched to coincide with the first new collection. By using #BandBSelfe across the social media platforms, the wearers of our fabulous frames can share their selfie pictures with other wearers and participate in communication with our Booth&Bruce community. Examples of this communication can be seen here

And on our new website

What Keeps You Motivated?

For the moment, Booth&Bruce is a small team, and we take personal responsibility for every action we make on behalf of our company. If this means answering an email from an American customer at 11pm from home, or taking a call from the Australian distributor at 6am, then this is how we proceed. This attitude links back to the very start of FRAMED eyewear, and the reasons behind why we made the move into Booth&Bruce supply. We were a customer of Booth&Bruce first, and we are now the supplier. This has given us a customer focused approach. All of the above mentioned actions have put into place to provide retailers of our frames with an experience that we would want to receive as customers ourselves, and even as wearers of Booth&Bruce. We are very proud of the staggering achievements we have managed, and look forward to the challenges ahead to continue to supply fabulous eyewear.

What Is One Little-Known Fact About Your Company?

We re-launched the brand with our capsule collection named “here and now”, at silmo 2014, with an eye catching, daring poster campaign ( This campaign featured Booth&Bruce model Iggy, along with star of London TVs “Drag Queens of London”, and the Supreme Fabulettes, Vicky Vivacious.

How Should We Explain Your Product To Our Clients?

Booth & Bruce eyewear was born in the 1990’s out of a desire to see an English brand deliver funky, fashionable frames to the more forward thinking eyewear connoisseur.

Since those initial collections, Booth & Bruce eyewear has grown into the globally recognised brand we know and love today, while keeping its roots firmly grounded in the ethos, and ideals that were there from the start.  A collaboration of urban chic, and daring design, mixed with colour schemes to push boundaries, Booth & Bruce will continue to serve eyewear realness on a global scale.

Today, by the constant evolution of our designs, Booth & Bruce continues to provide modern, stylish, and ultimately funky frames, to the modern, stylish and funky wearer!