INTERVIEW: Lucas de Staël

Why Did You Get Started In This Industry?

Well, It was quite organic, I really consider myself as an industrial product designer, so for me, the eyewear Industry is just perfect; If you want to design and manufacture a frame, all aspects of Industrial Designing are involved; what style of frame do I want to design? Using what materials? What processes etc....?

What Are You Most Passionate About Your Company?

Everyday challenges really, and for every challenge there is a solution, creating an object from start to finish is quite fulfilling, and it’s even better if that object amaze my customers!

What Inspires You At Work?

I'm inspired by a multitude of things, I get very excited by new technologies, but at the same time the traditional way of crafting really gives me interesting ideas.

What Separates You From The Competition?

We try not to put too much pressure on ourselves, our main goal is just to manufacture beautiful frames, no matter how complicated and how many hours it will take to get to the final result;

What's One Thing You'd Like To Share With Opticians?

We like to share the love of a well-made and unique frame; it also makes me really happy and excited when they catch on the little details on the frames.