INTERVIEW: Kerin Rose Gold

What separates you from the competition?

A-Morir has been pioneering the trend of embellished eyewear since 2008. What makes A-Morir different is that I don't have an eyewear background, and I don't study eyewear, so my inspirations come from my experiences growing up in New York City, my young adulthood as a painter and a writer, my experience both performing music and working for rockstars; all of these elements are translated into my work in a fearless and authentic way that you don't see very often anymore. The brand started as a hobby because I wanted to wear something that nobody else had, and that turned into a phenom. A-Morir has brought embellished eyewear into the mainstream, and on to the faces of your most beloved modern pop stars.

A-Morir is to eyewear what a statement shoe or handbag is to a woman's closet. Exciting eyewear is the last frontier in the accessories market to be a statement piece; so often you see women dressed to the nines from the neck down, and she pairs it with some boring blase frame. A-Morir gives it's client permission to bring glamour into your every day in the same way you do with your shoes, bags, and coats. A-Morir is also the only company in the world that currently does hand embellished eyewear at both an opthalmic and luxury level. Quality and design are paramount.

How should we explain your product to our clients?

A-Morir geniunely speaks for itself, but I find that it really excites clients when they realize that everything is hand made, every crystal hand applied, every ornamentation custom developed, making each piece a truly unique piece. A lot of time and positive energy goes into A-Morir and that positive energy gets passed onto our customers. It's also important to communicate that we don't consider A-Morir to be special occasion eyewear, it's just eyewear that makes you feel special.

What keeps you motivated?

My friends, my family, my loyal clients, supportive stylists and press, but most importantly: the work itself. Constantly wanting to bring better designs and better quality to my clientele is what pushes me forward.

What inspires you at work?

I listen to music of all kinds; classical, rock, jazz, punk, hip hop, boy bands, electronic, and i set the music depending on the midset i need to be in for the day. On days when I'm just designing I like to watch my favorite movies; Hacker's, The Great Muppet Caper, Clue, 101 Dalmations, The 5th Element, Jawbreaker, The Craft, and Amadeus. Visually stunning, incredible soundtracks, and they really help put me in a great mindset to create great art.

What is one little-known fact about your company?

I have never given my products away for free and I have never worked with a PR company!