INTERVIEW: Jennifer Kramer

How was your company founded?

In 2001, Julie Allinson found herself on the other side of 40 and in dire need of reading glasses. With the help of her optician friend (and future design collaborator) she began her quest for the perfect pair. After much searching, she realized her options were either high-end frames from her local optician (that came with a high-end price tag) or the racks of the local drugstore. There was no middle ground - an affordably priced, well-made, stylish reader simply did not exist. That was her ‘a ha' moment. If what she was looking for didn’t exist, then she would just have to make it. Allinson quickly left her job at a children’s clothing company and set to work with a singular vision: to create a line of distinctive, high-quality reading glasses for people like her, the irreverent and slightly jaded.

Why are you a great company to work for?

We have a fantastic team of quirky, dedicated people that are fanatical about providing the best product, the best service, and the most fun you could possibly have shopping for reading glasses. What more could you ask for?

What inspires you at work?

Our customers! They are so passionate about the product. Once they get their first pair, they are in the "eyebobs club" - and they can't wait to get their far-sighted friends and family on board as well. The frames become an extension of their personality, a crucial part of their look. We hear from so many customers that they get stopped by strangers in the street who want to know "where did you get those amazing glasses?!". And they let everyone know, lound and proud, that they're eyebobs. It drives us to do everything we can to continue to knock their socks off.

Which charities are you involved with and why?

Every year we work with a different celebrity collaborator on a special frame to benefit the charity nearest and dearest to them. This year, we are continuing a partnership with chef/writer/tv personality Andrew Zimmern on a limited edition style called 'Sun of Zimm'. It is available as a bifocal sunreader and a polarized plano. A portion of the proceeds benefit the James Beard Foundation's "Second Chances Scholarship" - a scholarship Zimmern helped create to give a student faced with extreme hardship a chance to pursue a culinary path. We're absolutely thrilled to be involved with the cause!

What is one little-known fact about your company?

Sadly, as of yet, we've never had anyone named Bob here. But people write him all the time! Keep it coming, though. Someday we'll find our Bob.