INTERVIEW: Katharina Plattner

How was your company founded?

ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR was founded in 2006 by the three friends Andreas (Andy), Wolfgang (Wolf) and myself to produce classic and contemporary frames for individuals.

Why are you a great company to work for?

We aren´t a normal company – we are like a family with many different characters.

What inspires you at work?

That could be everything a situation or an sculpture. But most of the time I wonder which frame could need my friends to underline their personality.

How should we explain your product to our clients?

ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR stands for unique glasses, handcrafted in Hartberg, Austria. We have our own manufacture there and a very proud to produce under normal conditions in our home country.

What's one thing you'd like to share with opticians?

Believe in handcrafted products handmade in Europe.