INTERVIEW: Christopher Shalhoub

How was your company founded?

Parkman Sunglasses was founded by two brothers, Christopher and Andrew. We had been experimenting a bit with making two pairs of personal wooden sunglasses. On a weekend road trip to Maine we decided we wanted to start selling the glasses and the rest just fell into place.

What keeps you motivated?

Coming up with new products and using different materials keeps us motivated. 2015 has a bunch of collaborations but there is so much more in line after that.

What separates you from the competition?

We are two brothers making glasses. We are not a large company with crazy expensive automated machines doing 95% of the work. We are not two business men importing glasses from China and then posting a few pics or videos on instagram of a random saw or sander to give the appearance of them being handmade. We are simply two woodworkers who get dirty every day making handcrafted wooden glasses and we absolutely love what we do. Our passion truly drives us to perfection. We love coming up with new ideas and seeing them through to the end. We love going to work every day.

How should we explain your product to our clients?

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • We have a shop in Mountainside NJ
  • Polarized lenses come standard in all our sunnies with an anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment
  • RX capable
  • All of our wood frames float
  • Spring hinges help provide a customized fit
  • Three-layer aircraft-grade baltic birch core provides strength, comfort, and flexibility
  • This layer can withstand being submerged in boiling water for three hours without delaminating
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty