INTERVIEW: Adam Mugavero

Why did you get started in this industry?

I associate eyewear with finite artwork. I very much enjoy the exactness optics demand with the flip side being an open palate to design and material opportunities... It's an open book to create.. This entire industry is afforded the opportunity to outfit and highlight the most beautiful part of the body, It's a luxury for me to play my part to make someone look and feel special. I enjoy this.

What keeps you motivated?

Innovation motivates me. My 2.0, My 3.0 of piece, and so on.. There is a sweet spot when making your best work. The space between giving a piece the right amount of polish/color/movement/strength/etc and contrast of-course being to overdo it. This dynamic for me often look like a series of failures with particular breakthroughs that catapult me forward. It's like finding your voice within the piece. This process in itself is a motivator for me.. 

Artists and designers who blow me away is a motivator

Reaching to find your best work is a motivator.

What is one little-known fact about your company?

It's me myself and I.
I hand make every piece from start to finish.
As i develop in time i may work with others, collection styles and outsourced collection eyewear for example but i will always make my couture work.
My work is my art.

What separates you from the competition?

I think its less about what separates us from the pack and more what connects us to the folks that inspire. The best work (for me) feels like a great song i just discovered. I want to know who the person is who made it, i want to dig way into everything about it. For optics that is the design and the material, the feel of it or what i don't like about it often that informs what i gravitate towards. Competition for me, is a conversation between myself, my former self, and my future self. The competition between each other usually doesn't drive me forward but just gets in my way.

What's one thing you'd like to share with opticians?

Thanks for always fixing my glasses when i've come in anywhere. Thanks for straightening them out, because i always beat the hell out of my frames when i was young, and i am in debt'd to particular opticians to have shown me a wealth of knowledge and understandings. I owe you plenty, you know who you are.. your good peeps, nice to have met you.