INTERVIEW: Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh, Bex Spex

Who or what inspires you outside of the optical industry?

One of the more inspirational people I've had the chance to meet recently is Rosie Rios, the current Treasurer of the United States. She is one of 9 children raised by just her mom. During high school she did double duty also working at a library. She is a graduate from both Harvard and UC Berkeley. I met her at a conference for women entrepreneurs. She spoke about her efforts to bring women on our currency. I volunteer with Dress for Success and was helping plan our gala. After hearing Rosie tell her story, I knew she would be inspiring to women and their careers so I helped bring her in as a speaker. And her signature is on all of our paper currency. How cool is that?!

Tell us about one of your favorite quotes.

We all die. The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.
— Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

That's how I came to designing Bex Spex glasses. I realized how much I liked creating and wanted to leave something tangible behind. I like how non-ephemeral glasses were. They are something you engage with everyday. And best of all, they have a function! They help you see. What other thing could you purchase that is with you everyday, all day, that makes your life noticeably better?

Travel -- where you going? Who you bringing?

I'm celebrating my 10 year anniversary with my husband. We married so quickly after meeting each other, so we consider our anniversary the day we met. We were originally going to go low-key and just have dinner, but he has to travel for work, so I guess we are going to London! As an American, it's fascinating to be in a place with buildings older than your country. London is such a hub for theater, art, and design. Being given the opportunity to explore these cultural touchstones inspires me as a designer. Plus, there will be high tea. If you ever want to get on my good side, just bring me a nice cup of tea.

Current favorite song/artist?

I have been listening to the "Hamilton" soundtrack nonstop. I had the pleasure of watching it with most of the original cast when I was in New York for Vision Expo in April. There is a magic to live theatre. There are so many moving parts--actors, musicians, lighting & stage people-- they all have to be coordinated to be focused on the same thing at the same time. That intensity to each moment is fascinating.

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