INTERVIEW: Stefano Sarti Cipriani, FEB31st

Please share a story from the past 12 months.

During the first years of FEB31st I spent a considerable amount of time with customers talking about the brand, the product, the way we manufacture our wooden frames, the overall project and so on. A few months ago I simply found out that the best way to have positive results is to listen to the people and follow their wishes.

That’s the exact reason why we created the two new FEB31st collections: 2.0 and Feb Up.


Name one thing you'd like improved in the optical industry. Why?

When I go to large shows like MIDO or SILMO I feel like a good amount of attention is absorbed by something other than spectacles. Maybe because in FEB31st we personally manufacture, maybe because we set up the booth on our own, but I would love shows that enable people to focus on quality and innovation of the products instead of only brand image.


Who or what inspires you outside the optical industry?

As a wooden frames manufacturer I should say nature. Well, it’s not, it’s people.

It’s impressive how both greatness and misery lies in the same human being.

We all share ambitions and obstacles in every action we take, in business as well as in life we must answer these questions: Is what I'm doing good for other people? Am I helping them achieve their goals?

What movie should we see? How come?

I remained astonished by the Great Beauty from Paolo Sorrentino, a kind of contemporary version of Fellini’s la Dolce Vita. The movie teaches me that no matter how awfully managed our Country is, people still have the ability to recognize, enjoy and create beauty in it. The film provided me with another strong reason to invest and manufacture in Italy.

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