INTERVIEW: Oliver Goldsmith

Travel - where are you going? Who are you bringing?

As head designer since 1965 I am releasing my retro frames, but also adding some new 21st century designs to keep the Collection up to date. Since I am also the Brand Ambassador I travel frequently to promote my designs as the Media and Opticians, like to hear the stories from the horse's mouth ! Since I love traveling, this is no hardship !
As 2016 is our 90th Anniversary I am issuing a Limited Edition (one design only available in Black limited to 90 pieces) Each frame will be numbered together with a certificate. When they're gone they're gone. The special feature is the metal inlay in the front and sides. The metal is Palladium coated and then coated in 24 ct Gold. The hinges are coated in 24 ct Gold as well. I expect these to become "Collectors" pieces, that will grow in value over time.


You win the lottery. What happens next?

Donate a lot to Charity and continue to work, since retiring is not an option for me


Current favorite song/artist?

Maggi May Rod Stewart


What optician or optical do you admire. Why?

Rich Walker, head designer at my License/Distributor Company, Fabris Lane Ltd. A very talented young man with great potential

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