INTERVIEW: Shu-Chu Yamaguchi, 141 Eyewear

What optician or optical do you admire. Why?

Myoptic Optometry in Portland OR. Dr. Summy To and her entire team are so dedicated to their daily practice but also strive to make their own community a better place. They give 110% and then want to continue to do better and do good not only within their community but amongst each other. Anyone working for Summy is lucky and I think they know that because they do a lot and are like one big happy family. Because of this, we did a collaboration and released 3 of our best selling styles in colors that they chose. All the proceeds for these styles went to a high school where Summy has been seeing students for free. We've been providing the frames. This particular high school serves students who come from bad situations and cannot otherwise afford eye care. It's been a huge success and a continuous effort from all of us.

What movie should we see? How come?

Not one particular movie, but a series filmed over 18 years with the same actors - Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. It's a very minimalistic plot where it's a lot of walking and talking, but it's realistic. You can relate to the dialog as well as what the characters are feeling having being strangers and getting to know each other quickly since they only have one day/night together before each has to go. I recommend all three to everyone.

Share a story from the past 12 months.

We have been giving a lot to many different organizations. Below is a note from just one of them whom we donated frames to:

"I want to send a huge thank you from Smart Vision Labs, Big Brothers Big Sisters NYC, and The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce! The students absolutely love their new glasses and are definitely seeing better!

It was really moving at the event to see many students who have never had glasses before say, "Wow! I didn't realize everything could be this clear!" One student was called from across the cafeteria to get his glasses and did not even recognize who was calling his name - he hugged us all after receiving them and said thank you until we told him to go back and finish his lunch. We're sending those hugs and thank you's your way too.

I've attached some candid pictures of smiles we caught on camera below, we really appreciate your time and support, thank you again!

All the best,
Maya & The Smart Vision Labs team"

One piece of advice for an inspiring optician?

Do what is right. Do whatever is in your power to make your patient happy, without sacrificing who you are and what you stand for. The patient is not always right, but you can always be flexible and helpful without being harsh. Everyone can win.


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